Important information for our guests

Booking us

Booking us can be done in multiple ways. The easiest way is for you to just use the booking form you see on the right hand side of each page on this website. it is directly connected to our calendar. Just choose how many people, which date and fill in your details. You will be taken to a secure payment screen and you can complete the transaction there. Once paid up, you’ll be good to go. if you book yourself for 2 persons or less, sometimes we will have to move you to a slot with one or two “open seats”. we communicate all clearly with you, so you have no surprise. Of course, you can also contact us first…


  • SNUBA EXPRESS PHOTO PACKAGE – $35, (per person or group)
  • Additional SNUBA SXM Afternoon Boat Experience – $65, per person (if available)


Don’t want to book up front? Take your chances and just look us up when you are on island. with dives 6 times a day, the chance is you can still do the SNUBA EXPRESS tour, even if you didn’t book. The price is the same, so is the tour. The only thing different is…. we might be sold out. It does happen! Especially on very busy cruise ship days.

Walk in Express is not available on days there is no cruise ship in town. Bookings for those days are still possible.

Participant record / Liability Waiver

To participate in the SNUBA Experience, a waiver needs to be completed. You can do this by using the link below to download it. Simply print it at home and fill in both sides. Sorry, but on the questions, we do need the full word “NO” on all, if you have none of the conditions. any abbreviations do not work. If you do the SNUBA EXPRESS Experience in the morning and then decide to also do SNUBA SXM in the afternoon, The waiver carries over. (no need to fill out a new one)

Here’s the link to the form:

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that due to the high level of service that we provide, and the low numbers per departure, cancellations and reservation changes FOR ANY REASON may harm our business. Therefore: Cancellations or reservation changes less than 7 days will be charged in full. Failure to be on time for departures are also your responsibility. When you are on a cruise ship, you need to make sure you are on our time. Cruise ships in season might or might not be on DayLight savings time. We are NOT.

At time of booking, 25% of the amount paid will be non-refundable in all cases.

Please make sure you have Travel Insurance that covers you in these cases.