Express opens July 1, 2019

Open in May?

Hi all. Exciting news for Sint Maarten and equally exciting news for us at Dark Horse Enterprises. After having run SNUBA as SNUBA SXM for years, we decided we wanted an easier accessible version of SNUBA. Would it not be nice to book, get ready, experience SNUBA, grab your pictures and shirt and be on your way in just over an hour? And all of that for a low price?

Well, we are in the process of making it happen. SNUBA Express makes it possible for young and old and anyone in between, to SNUBA while still have other activities planned for the day. And….. all for an incredibly low price. No boat ride (no motion sickness), very shallow, nice visibility. Come back to this page as we update the progress. We expect to be operational starting July 1st.

This experience is totally different from SNUBA SXM. Get in the water directly from land. Chose from 6 daily tour times with a maximum of 4 per group. (6 if 1 family, upon request), for a personal experience. It is a shallow (10ft) experience. ideal for first time thrill seekers.

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