Wonderful SNUBA Express Experience

Our Goal

Deliver a shallow, high quality but cheap and fast first time SNUBA Experience for everyone ages 8 and older, in Sint Maarten.

The Staff you’ll be SNUBA diving with

Express, shares their staff with SNUBA SXM. Although the experience is completely different, staff from SNUBA SXM is qualified to run both. In fact, the Express experience, is a little simpler.

You will find Mich, Kelly, Sheldon and all the rest of the SXM team, working diving in both locations 🙂

Small groups only!

Shallow SNUBA with SNUBA Express. Fantastic!SNUBA Express only accepts small groups. No more than 4 persons per departure time. (we DO make exceptions up to 6 per departure. But only if all 6 are within 1 group or family). We want your experience to be top notch and personalized.

Shallow Calm Experience

After filling in a form and watching a short electronic briefing, you will get in the water. The maximum depth of the SNUBA Express Dive Site is just 12 feet and you can go 10ft deep on your SNUBA airhose. Depending on your level of calmness, you spend about 30 minutes under water. If you are very nervous, this time might be a little less. If you are very calm, it might be more!

Add On a Boat tour?

not landbased SNUBA SXM. Platform in little bay

Once done, enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of water or a glass of our rum punch, check out and pick up your pictures and souvenir shirts and off to your next adventure!

If you have experience Express in the morning, maybe you are ready to add a boat experience. Check availability!

Of course your participation here, qualifies you for significant discount on the boat tour. Just ask the Express crew to sign you up for the SXM experience and you will be well on your way. Nice thing is, you do not need to fill in any additional paperwork. Just bring the voucher to the boat and off you go for an unforgettable time on (and under) our platform in Little Bay.

You are also able to book the follow up tour for another day, if you are staying on Sint Maarten.

During the experience by boat, you will not only see many fish and other creatures, but there is also the wreck of a helicopter, submarine, cannons from Fort Amsterdam and more.

Another good thing about this add on? You get to go straight for the action. No need for another briefing either.

Do you have any additional questions?

Go ahead and contact us here for more information.